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Like I’m sooo sooo so so so mentally drained and EXHAUSTED.. for real, I am..

Where have all the gentlemen’s gone?


Let’s analyze that word for a second shall we: the word “Gentle”; no man wants to be perceived as “sensitive” and less be seen as the a “gentle” guy.. (Por eso del friendzone y que las mujeres son unas bitches yada yada blabla, inserte excusa aquí) but the truth is.. there’s some of us that still have this TINY little hope to find a gentleman outhere.. YES, even in this small piece of island buttt..

I can’t find ‘em not even at Santiago for God sakes! (TRUST, I was there this weekend).. I sincerely believe that you get the respect you demand and I mean noooot all men have forgotten the rules to being a gentleman (SEE! I’m not generalizing peoplee!), BUT many just don’t care anymore.. I’m starting to think that this has something to do with the whole independent woman stance many of us have taken over the past years.. So is it bad being independent? Am I doing it wrong by driving by myself to a place instead of waiting for a guy to pick me up? Perhaps some men think “if you’re so independent, then what do you need me to pay for dinner for?” It’s not like I’m meek and helpless, I can indeed do things for myself too. But am I asking too much if you just bring me flowers and recklessly notice that I spent 2 hours trying to look good for you..? Cause let me tell you, It’s kind of cute if you show a little display of respect from time to time, showing off what your parents taught you.. THAT WOULD BE FUCKIN NICE.

I’m sorry but I’m a little bit old-fashioned I believe guys should pull out chairs, pay for dinner, call me instead of texting, open doors and bringing flowers just because.. Maybe not just because, maybe just by the simple fact I spent 2 hours at the salon with the intention of looking pretty for you.. At least put in some effort please. Show me that not all men are the same..

Like, is it okay for you act all interested and shit and then BOOM! Gone? Whaaat daaa fuckkk BRO! Like get your shit together and if you’re not interested just say it.. “I just wanna have sex and thats it”… Don’t waste my time.. DON’T DRAIN ME!

Hable claro.

Y eso de hablar claro no solamente va para los hombres, va también para las mujeres.. Si no te interesa, suelta! No te quedes haciéndole “coro” a un tipo porque “quieres alguien para salir en el fin de semana” y demás razones que, me voy a ahorrar porque no todo se dice.

No voy a sentarme aquí a desbaratar a los hombres porque, no es mi intención, (aunque sé que es mi estilo). Tampoco me voy a dar por vencida tratando de reforzar teorías feministas sobre porque la mujer no es el sexo débil y el hombre si, esto no es una lucha de poder.

A few years back I couldn’t relate to this.. Funny how now I do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5I0SbyaLnZ8

All I see It’s guys in skinny jeans acting like kids playing games with people’s feelings instead of act like a grown man.. just put those damn video games down and act like a gentleman… 

Where is my John Wayne
Where is my prairie song
Where is my happy ending
Where have all the cowboys gone
—  Where Have All The Cowboys Gone - Paula Cole


Fuck you tinder.